[service title=”Renowned Engineer”  image=”service-1.png”  text=”Globally recognized expert in piping, valves, materials, and codes and standards”. Mechanical Engineering Magazine – ASME International”  url=”/mohinder-l-nayyar/”]

[service title=”A Soul in Search”  image=”service-2.png”  text=” ”  url=”soulinsearch”]

[service title=” Poet of Heart”  image=”service-3.png”  text=”Mohi Nayyar is a poet of heart. His heartbeats rhyme with the time immemorial troubles and struggles, joys and woes, anxiety and tranquility, dreams and screams, fears and tears”  url=”mohinayyar”]



[other-service icon=”other-service-1.png” title=”As a Poet” text=”List of Poems to his Credit“]

[other-service icon=”other-service-2-Copy.png” title=”As an Author” text=”Author of Numerous Books“]

[other-service icon=”other-service-3.png” title=”Tech Excellence” text=”Honors & Awards received“]

[other-service icon=”other-service-4.png” title=”Publications” text=”Ghatayen & Ehsas – The Rubayees“]


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ASME Life Fellow | Member of ASME Council on Standards and Certification

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